Starting Out As a Coach? Ask for Testimonials and Feedback in Our Coach Community

One of the benefits of joining our Coach Community, is that you get to ask for testimonials and feedback. This can be a crucial element, especially, when you are starting out as a coach.

Imagine that you’re building your new workshop, writing that lead magnet, or creating a new course or a coaching offer. And you do all that research about your audience, understand their pain points, and craft a compelling narrative that tells them why they need to subscribe to your services or products. You feel really good about what you’ve created. But now, there’s one thing you really wish you’d be able to receive early on; feedback and testimonials!

The world is an increasingly noisy place to begin with. But your offer can stand out when it has the right kind of social proof, that becomes a supporting voice, that tells others, that what they are getting is a tried and tested product, with a stamp of approval, that tells your audience, yes, go for it!

This can improve your conversions by a long margin. All without having to put extra effort to get those additional sales.

But that is not the only benefit. The other benefit is confidence.

You see, when you’re creating a product or service, and have the opportunity to ask for testimonials early on, this can boost your own morale so much, that you will feel no resistance in sharing your work with others.

At the end of the day, when you are confident about your offer, it shows! And the truth is, nothing sells like confidence!

No Need to Wait to Ask for Testimonials

Coaches usually believe that after they have had some clients, they can then reach the pivotal point, where they can finally have those valuable testimonials. But, it can be a counterintuitive approach.

You see testimonials help bring in clients, and clients, help bring in testimonials. It can seem like a complicated situation to begin with. How do you get testimonials, if you don’t have clients? How do you get clients, without the testimonials?

The answer is Succeed From The Start.

True to our name, we’re exactly the community you need, to help solve this very problem.

Because out here, we’re all about supporting coaches who are starting out, which means, you could be at ground zero, and we’ll help you create your offer, and also help you showcase it to others in the community, who will be more than happy to give you feedback. Once you’ve tested and tried out your offer in our supportive and friendly atmosphere, you can confidently ask for testimonials straightaway, and you don’t even need many. Just a couple of them can set you on the path to coaching business success!

Now if that isn’t good news, then what is?

Here’s How the Process of Asking for Testimonials Works

When you become a part of our paid membership, one of the perks of this membership is an opportunity to share your workshop or offer within our community.

Once you join, you can book a slot where you get to share your masterpiece.

Members from within our community, including Angela our founder, will be there to attentively listen to you, and see the value of what you have to offer.

The next possible thing is, validation, that what you’re doing is indeed helpful, and a glowing testimonial coming your way.

It’s really that simple, and doesn’t have to be more complicated than this.

Of course, we conduct ourselves with utmost integrity, so you can rest assured that the testimonials will be an outcome of genuine appreciation for what you have to offer.

But that’s not all!

We also support coaches, and help them launch low ticket offers, that are promoted within the community, and to other connected audiences. So, if it interests people, you might well end up with some early buyers, and get more feedback that way!

Talk about a chance to have real paid customers, and we’ve got that covered.

Are You Ready to Ask for Testimonials?

If you are, then the first step is easy: connect with Angela, our founder, who can give you a more detailed view of how it all works, and how you can go from zero testimonials, to glowing testimonials, in a short period of time.

Go ahead and schedule a time to chat with Angela today!