Barbara Ellis – Holistic Therapist & Self Empowerment Coach

As a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, Barbara worked in both NHS and schools providing support to children and young adults with significant communication difficulties.

While working on a particular communication programme she came to a conclusion there had to be a better way to help these students. She found herself researching other modalities of intervention and stumbled on the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

What intrigued her was the philosophy of how TCM worked with mind and body connectivity and her journey into using alternative therapies began. Since qualifying in TCM, Barbara has embraced the wellness concept of looking after herself and her clients with packages of care with Qigong healing, acupuncture and associated therapies as well as hypnotherapy and Havening Techniques.

What Inspired Her to be a Holistic Therapist & Coach

“I know what it’s like to live with pain following a severe back injury which developed over a number of years.  This left me with reduced sensation and a dropped foot resulting in months of using a wheelchair.  When I discovered the healing benefits of Tuina massage and Qigong healing I finally began to feel whole again and live a life free from pain with increased vitality and stamina” -Barbara Ellis

What problems can be alleviated by Holistic Therapies

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Stress fears/phobias
  • Depression/low mood
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Motivation issues
  • Loss of self confidence
  • Weight management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Obsessions
  • Chronic pain management
  • Insomnia/unhealthy sleep patterns
  • IBS symptoms
  • Relationship/sexual issues
  • Preparation for surgeries
  • Stuttering
  • Sports performance

Her approach to healing

Qigong Healing and Movement

Qigong healing is an ancient Chinese practice that combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to promote physical and mental wellbeing. It is believed that qigong is able to balance the body’s energy, or “Qi”, and can help to improve circulation, reduce stress, and boost the immune system. Qigong healing is often used to treat a variety of ailments, including chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue. 

To me Qigong healing embraces everything that makes us human. The vibrancy and energy within our cells, to the systems that function in balance in our body as a whole keeping us healthy as well as the conscious and subconscious interaction we have with our thoughts, beliefs and even our environment and the planet as a whole. The energy that creates us, embodies us, surrounds us and fulfils all that we need when we truly perceive it.”  -Barbara Ellis


Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis to induce a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. It is used to treat a variety of physical and psychological conditions and is thought to be an effective treatment for many medical and psychological issues. During a hypnotherapy session, the therapist helps the client to focus their attention and enter into a trance-like state in which they can be open to make changes. In this state, it is possible to be more receptive to positive change and can make changes that may not have been possible in their conscious state.

Havening Technique

Havening technique is a psychosensory therapeutic approach that uses physical stimulation, such as touch, to help reduce stress and anxiety. The technique is based on the principles of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change in response to new experiences. Havening is used to help people process and heal from traumatic experiences, as well as to reduce anxiety, phobias, and addictive behaviours. The physical stimulation is used to help activate the brain’s neuroplasticity and create positive changes in the brain.

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It is important for you to feel comfortable and relaxed meeting your therapist, Barbara Ellis, for the first time. This 30 minute conversation enables you and Barbara to get to know one another and ask questions of one another.  If you wish to proceed towards a treatment goal a further in-depth consultation will follow.

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I came to see Barbara about pain in my shoulders but following her in depth consultation she was able to make me realise the pain was the result of an anxiety issue I was dealing with. After just one Havening session I could feel the anxiety lift from my body and knew I could face what needed to be achieved. I could not believe one session could do so much and wanted help with other issues and Barbara came through.  Now I recommend her to all my friends to help relieve their stress.

catrina g

Since the break up of my marriage I have been living with stress and anxiety wondering how on earth I will cope.  After only 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Barbara my live has been transformed.  I have gone from being a nervous wreck facing a life without support to setting up my own business and supporting my family on my own.


Email Testimonial:

Dear Barbara

Its seems a little strange that I am emailing you as I normally text or phone most days.

My head is full of words and phrases that I want to say or for others to see. Why? I’ve no idea but it feels important to me .

No, people don’t want to know the horrid details of things gone by but I want others to know how its possible to discover yourself again and how powerful it is to have people like you that genuinely cares. I’ve had this feeling building inside me for a while now that I’d like to help others through telling my story . One day I will .

My ability to write fluently and creatively has changed and I often get frustrated with attempts to find the right words and to put them down correctly. I often wait for the criticism for my lack of punctuation and my spelling mistakes.

My journey has been one hell of a roller coaster and when I briefly look back I wonder how the heck I’m still here.  Some people call it fate others call it coincidence. I’m sure there’s a better word for how we connected or how our paths crossed. It is still somewhat a blur but it did happen by some miracle or what ever it was..

I want to be able to be a testament for you and to support your work .

You were the voice I heard when I was in a dark frightening place. I only recognised you by your voice whilst in the darkness of the coma and my confused brain .  Your voice never seemed to leave me . I felt safe knowing that you were there. I later realised you had my back and had your own frustrations by not being able to communicate to the people around me .. you didn’t give up or walk away.

On top of the trauma that had happened you manged to show me that my life as it was at the time was far from normal . You never pushed me until I was ready and encouraged me all the time . I know you had to repeat your self many many times before I got it . Sometimes I still need that reminder and you give it with patience understanding and care.

The doctors have been astounded by my progress and yes I worked hard very hard to achieve what I have so far . Barbara you still stood by me even when I’ve tried to push you away because I thought I was wasting your time.

You have given so much of your time and I want to repay that by moving forward and living my life but also to support you in anyway that I can .

My memory isn’t brilliant and I still get mixed up and will say ‘I don’t know’ the truth is I will get there eventually and processing things  is getting a little easier .

The memories of your kind words when I couldn’t listen to others ,the feeling safe , the most trust I’ve felt in anyone, you held me when I was falling apart and you taught me to hug again. There were offers of having a safe place to stay for awhile and have some peace from the madness I was living in. I owe you so much .you have been patient when I struggled to find the words giving me time to express what I want to say .

You shared with me the tools to help me be less stressed , you showed me techniques to ease my thoughts and took time to show me Qigong which helped me build my strength and also giving me some calm .  Giving me all this and your friendship is allowing me to find who I am and with your continuing patience I will get there.

You listen to my dreams and never laugh or ridicule them. You believe in me ,no one has ever done that for me before.

I’m not frightened anymore at sharing the true depth I went to in my head and physical pain during and after the events. I know I have held back because I could see behind the calm exterior that you as an empath was also experiencing how I felt. I cant find strong enough words  to say thank you for also traveling this journey with me . I know I haven’t made it easy .

This testimonial is shared as it was written and is anonymous to protect my client but one day I know she will be ready to share her story with you.

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