Do You Want to Become a Six-Figure Coach? Here’s How

If you’ve been wondering how you can become a six-figure coach, then you’re in the right place, for that is exactly what we’re going to be talking about in this post.

But first, here’s something you need to know. It will not require you to have a fully booked calendar, it’s not even going to require you to become extremely busy. The only thing you’ll need is receptivity. Why? So you can clearly understand the dynamics that go into building a six-figure coaching business, with a willingness to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas.

Ready? All right, let’s do this!

Get inside the Mindset of a Six Figure Coach

  • Be open to making more money: Now if you ask any truly successful six-figure coach, they’ll tell you that becoming a six-figure coach requires an openness to making more money.

    I know it sounds silly. Who doesn’t want to make more money right? But before you will be able to step into this income bracket, you have to truly value what you offer. After all, if you don’t value it, how can you expect anyone else to?

    Let go of any mental blocks that say, ‘Who am I to make so much money, I was only making 5 figures at my job, who am I to think of making 6 and 7 figures?’ Then simply say, ‘Why not? If I could make 5 figures, I can make 6 or even 7, I can always increase the value I bring to the world.’

  • Increase your and your client’s commitment: Here’s what’s even more startling: the successful six-figure coach will be genuinely more committed to the transformation they seek to help their clients achieve, which means they will expect their clients to make the same commitment to that transformation.

    So, a six-figure coaching mindset says, ‘If you sign up with me, it’s going to be a commitment, it’s going to challenge you, it’s going to require you to get out of your comfort zone and do the work.’

    The average coach may just be interested in doing hourly coaching and getting paid, but the level of commitment they can require of their client, and of themselves, may not be as much as it would be with a six-figure coach. (Not that there’s anything wrong with sticking with lower-paid hourly coaching if that’s what you want.)

    But when you’re up there, making six figures, you’re up there with your own commitment too.

  • Know that You’re Invaluable: How much you make in the world will never define your self-worth. This means you’re free to charge abundantly, while not feeling like it has anything to do with who you are. But, when you’re heart-led, that something must give you a fair opportunity to serve meaningfully.

Structure Your Coaching Business With Six Figures in Mind

It’s not that six-figure coaches are working only with elite clients, or that they’re working 16 hours a day to make things happen. The really successful six-figure coaches have simply structured their business in a way that makes it possible for them to earn that kind of income comfortably.

Let’s do the maths here.

Let’s say you charge £150 an hour for your coaching services. If your client signs up for a session each week, for twelve weeks, they will be paying you £1800.

We all know that to get some momentum going, the average length of a coaching package is 90 days, but that someone can achieve their best results by signing up for at least a year. So, with that in mind, your £150 per hour coaching would bring in £7200 annually.

Think about it; you could turn all of this into an annual package, and by offering a few additional services, you could easily start charging upwards of £10k.

10 clients like these, and guess what, you’re a six-figure coach!

So, you see how simple it is? That’s why it’s important to structure your coaching business right from the start. Then you know who you’re looking for, and what you’re offering right from the word go.

Once you’ve made those plans, you will be able to draw your ideal clients towards you; people who are committed to achieving the transformation they are looking for, and to do the necessary work over a given time.

The rest of your short-term services can then easily become additional income.


As you can see, offering a package that costs £10k or more is far more possible than you may have thought, as long as your offer makes sense to your clients AND they see the value in the transformation you offer because they already know they need it. The fee is affordable, especially when paid in stages, and it helps them commit in the long term.

This gives you the ability to focus on clients who are looking to commit at that level and makes your coaching and marketing life a lot easier.

You won’t be worrying about looking for new clients all the time, but will be able to easily focus on your existing clients, whilst continuing to add more new clients at the appropriate level of commitment going forward.

This is the structure you need to package your services if you want to become a six-figure coach.

Think & Act Like You’re Already a Six-Figure Coach

Whenever you are ready to increase the price of your services, you will be able to do it, and as long as you can communicate their value to your clients, they’ll find it easier to see the value as well.

Show through your posts, articles, and other content you create that you are an authority on the topic you are talking about, and have a sincere intent to serve.

‘When you know what the secret is, to achieving the transformation your clients need, they won’t be buying your services, they will buy the confidence you have in your ability to deliver on your promises.’

You see, the funny thing is, you don’t have to be better than everyone else in the industry, you just need to be sincere in your intent to help them, skilled in delivering what you promise, and not just trying to make a profit from them.

Your sincerity, and confidence in your ability, qualify you to act and conduct yourself in a way that you’re already a six-figure coach, even if you don’t have a single client right now!

At Succeed From the Start, that’s what we’re all about. We see the diamond in every coach; we see the heart-led desire to serve others, touch hearts, and change lives. And, we will do everything it takes to help you shine through, and become as successful as you were always meant to be!

If you’d like to know more about how we’re making this happen, hop on a call with us today.

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