Carolyn Whitehouse – The Money Therapist

Helping Heart-Centered Business Owners Breakthrough their Money Blocks, And Find Confidence And Abundance With Money, So That They Can Make Their Difference And Have The Thriving Business They Always Wanted

About Me

Carolyn is a mother of 2 adult children and has been married to her husband for 30 years. She has a Rescue Belgium Sheppard dog from Thailand and loves going for long walks in the Hampshire countryside with him. Carolyn also loves a good history book and exploring different countries and foods.

What I Do

Carolyn helps business owners and entrepreneurs whose income has plateaued or has a boom and bust cycle. She helps them to identify the money and self-sabotaging blocks they have and through her 6 step Money Block Breakthrough Process helps them to release their blocks so that they can enjoy a higher income and more success.

What inspired me to be a Money Therapist

Carolyn grew up in a scarcity environment where there was never enough money, time or love. Watching her mother struggle to make ends meet she then took all of those messages (blocks) into her own business. When her first business failed Carolyn went on a journey to discover what went wrong and discovered her own money blocks and the process to release them, which enabled her to increase her own income, pay off her debts and she now loves teaching about money blocks to other businesses.

“Since being on this amazing journey with Carolyn, my business has developed and grown financially in just 3 months, more than it has in the previous 3 years. I have had the confidence to take a leap of faith and expand my business by taking on staff and opening new areas that I was nervous to do before. I have also found the ability to ask for help and am now able to do more of the things I enjoy doing within my business. My relationship with my family has improved massively too. Carolyn is amazing at what she does. She will help you realise the blocks that are holding you back, how to overcome them and is a shining star that will guide you on a positive loving path out of frustration..”



Phone: 07407844619