Coach Marketing Made Simple: The Two Things That Matter

Marketing can appear like a big scary word. But in truth, it’s not the marketing that turns people off, it’s the complexity. Which is why in this post we’re going to talk about a coach marketing strategy that is so simple, you’ll never say no to marketing again.

Now, first things first, what is marketing? In its simplest form, marketing is about building awareness and communicating the value you provide through your products or services.

And the most effective marketing strategies are simple. Not complicated.

For instance, take Apple. Their iPhone marketing strategy is dedicated to selling just one thing primarily – privacy.

That’s what most of their ads say, “Privacy. That’s iPhone.” Now just look at the simplicity of that message. The focus is on just one word, or essentially, one need of their ideal customer, that is privacy, and their product, that is the iPhone, becomes the solution to that need.

That’s what serves as a great example of a simple yet powerful marketing strategy.

Essentially, the one who wins is the one who knows their customers’ needs the best, and then works on fulfilling that need.

Angela Roth

Why do you think it would be any different for you as a coach.

If you look at the top coaches in the world, they are experts at YOU and YOUR needs.

When they speak, you feel they’re speaking to you, that they hear you, that they’re voicing out your concerns. That they can relate with you, they know your story.

This is what draws hundreds and thousands of people to coaches like Tony Robbins. And not because they have a magic marketing potion, that you can’t have.

This brings us to the first important step in the two step coach marketing strategy.

1. Get a PhD on Your Ideal Clients: Absolutely, totally, and thoroughly research and understand your ideal clients needs. And research doesn’t just mean reading a bunch of articles online, it means speaking with people. Those who could have the same kind of challenges as your ideal clients.

Of course, as a coach, often you are the starting point, you know the challenges you overcame, and perhaps that’s what motivates you to pay it forward.

But there’s nothing like going out and speaking with people so you can see what is going on there, and create a solution that is built on a thoroughly done market research.

In this case, market research could be as simple as getting on a Zoom call with 10 to 20 people, around the same topic. These conversations can be a powerful way to identify your ideal clients needs, and then your marketing can become so simple and so powerful just like that of Apple.

2. Tell them You know Them: This is where all that market research in first step comes in handy. You know your clients, and now you can start communicating that in your messages across the board, whether it is on social media, or your blog posts.

For instance, if you are a parenting coach to single mothers, you’d then speak about their life to them.

You can speak about how you understand their challenges, and also speak about how they can be overcome. Sharing a thing or two from your wisdom bucket could be enough for them to take more interest in you.

Essentially, when you show interest in your ideal clients’ life, they will notice that, and will take more interest in you, and in what you say.

And that’s really what coach marketing is all about in a nutshell – getting people interested in you, by showing interest in them.

It’s that simple.

But wait, don’t know how to go about the two? Why not consider being a part of a coaching business community, that will help you with the tools you need to do your market research, as well as create programmes that enable you to speak with your ideal clients and get feedback and glowing testimonials, even before you’ve had your first paying client!

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