Dirk Roth – Writing Coach & Editor

Want to write better? Maybe even write your own book?

I can help.

Many people would love to have more confidence in themselves as writers. They know that writing is a powerful way to fully explain who they are and what their heart is. A good piece of writing stays in the mind; it develops and deepens the reader’s grasp of what you are trying to help them with.

I have spent my life encouraging and teaching people to speak, read and write more compellingly. I can help you too, no matter what your age, or how weak or strong you now feel as a writer.

As a secondary school teacher, adult tutor and coach to aspiring writers my expertise is in understanding, shaping and exploiting the immense power of the English language.

I have studied with some of the best writers and teachers at university, and during my 35-year career in schools and colleges I have also drawn from and collaborated with many inspiring colleagues.

Recently I have authored two books which are in the process of being illustrated before publication, so I know from experience what some of the challenges are. I run creative writing sessions in my home area and continue to learn how best to support writers, whether they are just starting out, or are close to publishing their own novel.

I tutor students online one-to-one or in groups and particularly enjoy seeing students’ creativity flourish. When people enjoy what they write, their clarity , precision and accuracy also improve.

Whatever you need help with, I will ensure you ‘Succeed From The Start.’

Dirk’s input has been invaluable on the journey to publication of my first novel. He took the time to understand the story and characters, and ask insightful questions. He’s honest enough to tell you when a scene isn’t working – and how you might fix it! We’ve worked on everything from plot holes to the placement of semicolons, with the result that the book is much better, and I’m more confident in myself as a writer.

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