Dr. Clara Kalu – Executive Coach: Occupational Mindset & Energy

As an executive coach specialising in occupational mindset and energy I work with clients whose needs include: 

  • Making an impression in interviews
  • Managing work relationships
  • Self-care in high-reliability postholders (e.g., union steward, therapy and clinical, managers and leaders)
  • Winging-it, dismantling fear that is imposter syndrome

I help  

  • Mid-career women who feel stuck in their jobs.  While they are performing well, the thought of doing this for the next decade, or more, is worrying and they want to take back control over their work and could use help.   
  • Working women who are flying their occupation on autopilot to get back into the driving seat and take the controls over the occupation in the most suitable way for them. 
  • Working women decide how they want to be in their work; so that they work in a way that aligns with their values. 
  • Working women get clear on what they want, heal “work traumas” that are in the background and dictate how you experience work and how work experiences you. 

You’ll be a suitable participant if 

  • You’re committed to making the changes in how you think to bring about the change you desire  
  • You’re OK with spiritual methods like meditation and mindfulness and deep reflections. 
  • Regularly taking necessary action for results.
  • You integrate well-being practices with the programme. 

What inspired me to become an Occupational Mindset and Energy Coach

Our lived experiences are an ‘inside job’ and by this, I mean it’s a function of the thinking and feeling we do have (mindset and energy) – which no one sees. 

I love showing my clients the power of their thoughts by choosing liberating belief they get the things they want, with ease. 

Seeing the effect of my clients’ internal transformation played out in the real world is the one thing that keeps me looking for new and up-to-date research and evidence in support of practices that I bring into my practise.   

I am passionate about helping mid-career women (if you have been working for a decade or more) because I can use my personal experience to help them decide and progress their next best step for their occupation.

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Email: clara_kalu@yahoo.com