Dr. Tahsin Zatman – Consultant Anaesthetist

I have been a Consultant for over 20 years and in the NHS for over 30 years and through this I have gained a great amount of insight, into Life Changes or Events.

When we go through a life change, even with family or friend support, it can still feel isolating. No one has to be alone and one thing I’ve learnt is that, people go through a life change/event/crisis, good or bad, every 12-18 months, so as life happens around us we need to be able to adapt.

My Trilogy Metamorphosis Institute, has 3 elements

  1. Meta-Morph Module, which involves recognising my clients Stress Avatar, applying knowledge to change behaviour to prevent repeating mistakes with over time. Little by little seeing improvements with story telling and improved adaptability.
  2. Meta-Remodelling Technique, which involves Aesthetics Medicine Knowledge using my tutorship on the Cos-Med PGDip course for University of South Glamorgan plus application of injectables to improve mood, self esteem, self promotion.
  3. Meta-Evolution Systems, which comprises of changing mindsets using a robust protocol to ensure objective applicable solutions which are easy to implement.

I use the Chaos theory approach of the “butterfly effect”: making small changes over time makes a big effect at the end. I love the aspect of the “penny dropping” when my clients’ understand for the first time how making small changes help them fulfil their dreams.


Email: tahsin.zatman@gmail.com

Website: https://tahsinzatman.com

Phone: 07429815753