Eilir Jones – Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Eilir spends as much time as he can with his young family, when he is not busy running Stress and Anxiety management programs, has his own private practice and working as a Social Worker.  He sings in a band, loves Rock music, anything Sci-fi related, gadgets and practices Ju-Jitsu in his spare time, which he does with his daughter.  

Having experienced PTSD, bullying, anxiety and depression, Eilir decided to tackle these difficult life-limiting feelings.  He engaged in counselling and armed himself up with information and qualifications, so that he could get back to the person who he was, but a stronger and more knowledgeable version.

Eilir has been a BACP registered Counsellor / Psychotherapist since 2013, and specialises in helping people cope with issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Workplace Bullying, Traumatic events, Abusive partners, Bereavement, Interviews and work Stress to name but a few. 

Using a wide range of therapeutic approaches which considers how the human body and brain react to a perceived threat, he has created the 6-week Personal Pride and Power Program.  This Program aims to speed up people’s understanding and management of their anxiety and stress, so they can start to regain their own personal power and pride right from the first week of starting the course.

Having learned from difficult personal experiences, and from over a decade of work with individual clients, which techniques are effective against anxiety and stress and when to use them, Eilir is passionate about reaching as many people as possible with this invaluable information, so that they can regain control over their difficult emotions and become happier sooner.

“4 years ago was by far the worst time of my life, I lost my Dad to cancer, not just my Dad but my best friend and my hero.
I had been struggling big time and bottling it up inside for so long and it was affecting my life in other ways, so in the end I thought, enough is enough and I put my ‘male ego’ aside and decided a few months ago to have counselling. 
I was very nervous to go to be honest, but right from the start I felt very comfortable talking to Eilir, the sessions went fast and we also talked about other stuff that I had been bottling up and struggling with. He gave me different teqniques to deal with those situations and feelings.
It was the best thing I’ve ever done and although I still massively miss my Dad every day, after talking to Eilir, I understand my feelings better and am able to deal with them, cope much better and think before I act. This has helped me to deal with my dads death, so everyone don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

MR. Jones (North Wales)


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