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Shine and Thrive through being seen and heard as your best self by anyone, anywhere, anytime

I’m Fiona and I am delighted to share with you how my coaching and training can empower you to live the life you want through mastering one of the most vital of life skills to achieve success, harmony and freedom: positive communication.

About me

My whole working life has ben dedicated to either being a performer myself, or to enabling others to improve their performance and communication skills. I hold a strong belief in your inherent right to be noticed and listened to, as I understand the challenges and limitations that arise when you aren’t, either at work or in life.

Since 2005, I have worked as a qualified executive and performance coach, as well as a speaking skills trainer, specialising in supporting clients to find their voice to make their mark in life. My expertise is enriched by my previous career paths.

As a trained actor, I honed my skills in confident performance, voice production, breath work and understanding motivation and interpreting text. This experience taught me the power of owning the stage and captivating an audience.

As a professional fundraiser, I learnt how to effectively pitch ideas and influence individuals, enabling me to raise substantial funds and support for important causes. This was especially within the realm of human rights where my passion for the right to have a voice in the world was a driving force.

How I can help you

If you admit to being nervous of public speaking or have a dislike of it, you are among the majority of people. I can empower you to overcome any fears or aversions you may have, transforming your nervous energy into a positive force.

You may consider yourself a fairly confident speaker who sometimes falters in certain situations. I can enable you to exude gravitas, inspire others, and authentically showcase your expertise in any room or on any screen. Even in high-pressure situations or when faced with unexpected challenges during presentations or meetings, you will know how to remain composed, confident and expressive.

Good communication underpins success and happiness in life. If you can do it, it is the route to that new job, promotion, expanding client-base, and better relationships.

So how do we embark on this transformative journey?

Through practical training and exploratory coaching you learn how your voice works physiologically, emotionally and intellectually, and the power of your body language. Together we work towards you putting it into practice to become an effective and inspirational communicator.

  • I run one-off workshops.
  • Have a comprehensive 10-week course – Speak Up, Stand Out, Be Heard
  • Deliver personised one-to one coaching sessions.

I can tailor-make the work we do especially to meet your needs – you are the “locus” the point around which everything we do circles.

I work both online and offline in person.

If you would like to know more please press here to book an exploratory call without obligation.

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“Fiona’s insight and simple no-nonsense advice was practical and easy to follow. The presentation I subsequently gave was delivered with more confidence and fluidity on my part than ever before. It was without doubt significantly enhanced by her input.”

Jacqueline Harvey, Corporate lawyer

“The personal coaching provided by fiona Whytehead has without doubt improved the quality of my life.”

Geraldine Morley, Interior Designer


I am excited to accompany you on this empowering path, where you can discover your true potential and shine brightly in every aspect of your life. Together let’s bring your voice and physical presence to the forefront and make a lasting impact.



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