How To Create Your First £2k Programme!

Are you ready to expand your coaching business? Have you been working 1-2-1, & now you’d like to reach more people? This event is for you!

When and where?

Date and time
Starts on Tuesday, May 9 – 7:00pm GMT


Have you been wondering when your business will start taking off?

Do you want to move into running group programmes, rather than working 1-2-1, but don’t really know how?

Are there all sorts of questions running through your head, like, ‘How do I know what my programme should be about? How do I know if it will sell?

Where do I find my clients from? How will they trust me anyway?

And then there’s the practical stuff isn’t there? Like, ‘Where do I build my course? How will I sell it? What if the tech part overwhelms me? and so on

If you’ve found yourself asking any of these questions, then we’re here to help, and we’d love to see you at our event!

Angela Roth and Vicky Hugelier are both award-winning speakers and business coaches who are determined to share their own skills with as many purpose-driven, heart-led coaches as they can, so that they can see more lives changed and more hearts touched by those who really care.

How can they do this? Come along and discover for yourself!

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