What It Takes To Succeed From The Start In Your Coaching Business

In a world where failure has been touted as the mother of success, the idea that you can succeed from the start in your coaching business can appear a bit far-fetched.

But you don’t have to try and keep up with the Joneses, and believe what they have to say.

To think of success right from the beginning, is the foundation of a healthy and thriving business.

Imagine if Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, had thought of all the failures and setbacks he would have to go through in order to succeed, perhaps, we wouldn’t be driving Ford cars today.

Success isn’t built on the foundation of failure, it is built on the vision of success, in spite of seeming challenges.

If you want to know how you can learn to succeed from the start in your coaching business, then tag along, as we uncover some nuggets of wisdom.

  1. What’s Your Why? Mahatma Gandhi, who was at the forefront of the freedom movement in India, had a strong ‘Why.’ He had a dream, a vision of a free nation. And not only that, but he also wanted justice through non-violent resistance. For which he was willing to go to jail, for which he was willing to be beaten and bruised, and yet, all he always saw was a free India.

    15th August, 1947, marks the day of this vision coming to fruition. When India finally achieved her independence from British rule.

    He succeeded because he had an unwavering intent. And this strong intent was the foundation of his success.

    Every coach has a ‘Why.’ You must uncover yours, make it known to yourself, make it clear. And when this ‘Why’ becomes absolutely clear, success will bow down to it, and follow suit.

    For example, let’s say you’re a parenting coach. Then your ‘Why’ has to be something that helps you envision, happy families, where children are nurtured and supported to grow up to be beautiful human beings. Leading to a more beautiful world. One family at a time.

    If your ‘Why’ brings an inner sense of fulfillment, and an overwhelming sense of purpose, each time you bring it to mind; if your ‘Why’ makes you feel like this is what I want to do, this is how I want to serve, this is my way of showing up in the world, then success is guaranteed. For whenever you face an obstacle, you can remember your why, and keep moving forward.

  2. The Power of Association: When Gandhi led the freedom movement, he associated with people who wanted the same. He had a strong network, a community of like-minded people, called freedom fighters, who were willing to do all what he was willing to do to be granted their right to be free.

    You have to find your group of freedom fighters, people who are willing to support you, and go an extra mile to help you accomplish your vision. And yes, there are such people, there are such communities, that will go an extra mile, that will hold your hand, and guide you, and for whom your dream, is their dream.

    For no one is self-made. You can’t say, I did it all by myself, for no one can do it all by himself. We all need support, and with the right people on our side, success can’t be denied.

  3. Be Teachable: You know what is one of the best things about being human? When we don’t know something, we can go and learn it. And that learning doesn’t have to stop at school. So it is in your coaching business.

    Don’t know how to create a workshop? Go learn it. Don’t know how to market your business? Go learn it.

    Earning a degree or a PhD doesn’t mean, our box is full. So all you have to do is remain teachable. Don’t see what you don’t know as an obstacle, but an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to thrive.

In the end, it all comes down to your ‘Why.’ A strong ‘Why’ means, each time you run into a hurdle, you remember your ‘Why,’ overcome the obstacle and move forward.

In other words, to keep moving forward, with the help of a community that will support you do the same, and to remain teachable, are the basics that make it truly possible for you to succeed from the start in your coaching business.

So say goodbye to your fears, and focus on why you want to start or build a coaching business.

The rest will then be history!

About the author

Angela Roth

Angela is an award winning speaker, and the founder of Succeed From The Start, a coaching business community where you can get the support and tools needed to build a thriving coaching business.

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