Jane Kilpatrick – Children & Teen’s Mindset Coach

About me

I am the Founder of The MindSculpt Academy where our sole aim is to help young people thrive and be the very best versions of themselves, shaping their future for happiness and success.  

Living by the sea in Poole, with my husband and daughter, I am incredibly grateful every day to be able to walk along the beach with Mimi our dog, in fact I relish the opportunity.  

What I Do

I believe it’s time that young people were given the chance, and the space to become believers in themselves for who they are, not just for what exams they can pass, because exams do not define them. And so, it is my passion to work alongside young people to help them develop a positive, growth mindset, so they can handle the day-to-day obstacles they may find themselves up against; be it the pressures of school, exams, family life, social media, or peer pressure.  This work involves developing self-confidence, finding their motivation, overcoming negative self-talk and limiting beliefs and learning effective problem-solving and decision-making skills.  

How I Can Help

My driving force is to teach and give young people the wellbeing tools that will become life skills for their future. I use a variety of techniques and approaches such as mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, and goal- setting exercises to help the individual learn and learn and apply these skills.   

My ultimate goal is to help young people develop the mental habits and attitudes that will enable them to thrive, be the very best versions of themselves and lead that fulfilling and successful life that they so deserve. 

“Jane is a fantastic coach and I 100% recommend her for both adults and children. Thank you Jane, you are a shining star…”

lucy, poole


Mobile: +44 7951 576832 

Email: jane@mindsculpt.co.uk

Website: https://www.mindsculpt.co.uk