The Number One Reason Why You Must Join Our Coaching Business Community Today!

If you’re a coach or a solopreneur, don’t waste a single minute, and join our coaching business community today. Here’s why.

People often think, a coaching business community is about business, about learning how to make it profitable, acquiring skills, etc. While all of these are legitimate reasons to join a coaching business community, the main reason is hidden in plain sight.

It’s what most people miss, but we don’t want you to miss it.

So here it is; the number one reason for joining a coaching business community, is the community!

Yes, you read that right. Being part of a community can make all the difference in your business.

Now, when you look at it from the outside, it can look like a bunch of people coming together, talking business, and getting all serious about making money. Or it can even look like, a place where smart gentlemen and ladies hangout, who have it all figured out.

And you’re like, they all seem to know what they’re doing, and me? I don’t even know what I am doing, and not even sure, if this community can really help me. Perhaps, I don’t fit in here.

Guess what? We’ll let you in on a little secret. Most of the people in our community, were just like you, they had no idea what they were doing. But, there’s just one difference. Even though, they didn’t know what they were doing, they knew they had found the right community.

Today, they enjoy unparalleled support, and know, that when in need of help, all they have to do is raise their hand. They know that if they ever feel low, and run into days, where they feel like giving up on the idea of having their own business, they can find the encouragement in the community to keep going.

They know that this community is all about being together, and succeeding together.

Now, I want you to think about a time, when you were among people, working with them. Maybe at a job, or maybe while running another business. And you know what was the most fun thing about it? No, it wasn’t the paycheck, or the profits, and it wasn’t even the tags that you carried. It was the fact, that you got an opportunity to build relationships and make friends.

In short, it was the joy of being with people.

And I am sure you know what that means now more than ever, having gone through a difficult phase, given what happened in 2020.

We all know how much we missed meeting our friends, neighbors, relatives, and also, our colleagues. The stories we told, the fun we had, the times we shared, all had gone missing. As if life had come to a standstill.

I remember looking at the vacant streets back then, and wondering, if life would ever get back to normal. That’s more or less, what happens, when you are working on building your coaching business, all by yourself.

Lonely, and hardly anyone to share what you’re doing with, who gets it. Who knows your journey. Who knows and understands, what it’s like to set out on a path of your own. Not your friends, not even your family, they can’t know what you’re doing, especially, if they’ve never travelled that route.

Who then, do you turn to, to talk about what’s going on in your business, talk about what challenges you’re facing, and get the encouragement to keep moving forward, when you have nothing to show for.

When your friends, and colleagues, are busy making the dough, getting promoted, and share pictures of that fun vacation. And here you are, you had the audacity to quit a well-paying job, or even to think about it, to do something of your own.

That’s stupid in the eyes of the world, giving up all that security, but that’s wise in the eyes of our community. For we know, and understand, the joy and the fulfillment that comes from letting your inner diamond shine.

In our community, we just know one thing; together, we can keep moving forward. And build our business one day at a time. And that your self-worth, doesn’t come from how much money you make, but rather, from how openly you share your gifts with the world.

Are you ready to experience the joys of the riches you carry within you? Are you ready to share your abundance with the world?

Because if you are, then we can’t wait to welcome you aboard, and see a diamond shine.

And when a diamond like you shines, your life doesn’t revolve around money, money revolves around your life. Just as it should be!

I guess, enough said? Now just go and join Succeed From The Start!

With Love,

Angela & The Succeed From The Start Family

About the author

Angela Roth

Angela is an award winning speaker, and the founder of Succeed From The Start, a coaching business community where you can get the support and tools needed to build a thriving coaching business.

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