Keely Woolley – Inspirational Leadership Coach

“I want to feel healthier & more energised each day. I wish I loved what I do every day & feel that it doesn’t feel like work. I wish, I didn’t have to spend so much time working in my business rather than on & had more personal freedom.”

Sound familiar to you?

Hi. I’m Keely Woolley, a Inspirational Leadership Coach & Trainer. Over the last 25 years, I have inspired my clients to rediscover their purpose & help navigate their journey and turn it into reality, to be even more fulfilled and successful in their personal and professional life.

  • My clients are female c-suite, executives & leaders, who feel like the vision they had in mind for themselves, is not being realised in the way they hoped anymore & they are feeling more frustrated & not sure what’s changed
  • My clients feel like the work they used to love is not so fulfilling & find their motivation & drive is beginning to fade, but they can’t get anxious & stressed feel this way, because their people are looking to them for direction. As a result, their sleep is frequently disturbed.
  • My clients find they are becoming busier, with little time to solve the problems they need solving, because they question what their next move is, as a result they find less time to spend at home with family & friends, frequently taking calls at night & weekends.
  • Imagine a time when you are waking up at 06:05 a.m., but your alarm goes off at 06:30 a.m. & that’s great, because you are sleeping like a baby, and no longer feel like you are working, because you are finally, living & you living with passion.
  • Picture a time when the key people in your life, are striving towards a common vision, where your values & beliefs are even more aligned & you achieve consistency in what you do! Which means that you are enjoying spending time in the business you are in or stepped away & created an entirely new business that you love.
  • Visualise a time when you have even more personal freedom, you are feeling even healthier & energised. You are able to spend more time with your family & friends and no-one is disturbing your peace.
  • Never more has a sense of purpose been identified as a key driver & motivation for working with or for a company.

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“I would highly recommend Keely for her mentoring, leadership coaching and other skills she brings to her clients she works with. I have had a complete change of mindset from full time employment to being self employed again, and Keely has helped me enormously to focus, goal set and stay on a clear path to success. She is extremely passionate about helping everyone to achieve complete happiness in their working life, and when you are happy with your work, because you are also passionate about what you do to make a difference, then the financial rewards will naturally come too. Thanks Keely!”

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