Liz Folan – Positive Psychologist and Mindset Coach

About me

I am a passionate and dedicated positive psychologist, educator and advocate for personal growth and well-being. With a strong focus on empowering teens with my RISE Resilience programme and adults with my one to one coaching and group support workshops, I utilise the transformative power of character strengths to help them unlock their full potential.

With an international career in second level education that spans three decades, and MSc in Positive Psychology and Well-Being, I firmly believe that every individual possesses the inner resources to enable them to overcome challenges and ultimately to flourish. Drawing from the latest research in the field of positive psychology, I guide clients on a journey of self-discovery helping them to recognise their key character strengths and develop strategies to leverage them in all areas of their lives.

What I Do

Facilitation of workshops/1-2-1 support

I currently work with GCSE and A Level cohorts, Asylum Seekers and ESOL Students and neurodiverse groups in schools and colleges.

I also provide on-site and online training workshops for staff and ongoing well-being support packages.

Habit Change

One area particularly close to my heart is that of habit change. As someone who formerly struggled with ‘grey area’ alcohol dependency to deal with stress but who never presented as ‘rock bottom’, it took many years to even recognise that there was an issue in the first place. I believe this to be the situation of many people who struggle with the conveyer belt of habitual drinking and I have worked extensively to create the programme Strong AF to help tackle this. I recognise the complexities of behaviour change and the need for a holistic approach to support this. By combining my expertise of evidence-based approaches with my lived experience and the psychological tools I acquired over my sobriety journey, I offer a compassionate and non-judgemental space for clients to explore their relationship with alcohol and other unhelpful habits, to make positive sustainable change.

How I Can Help

My goal is to is to provide my clients, whether they are teens, workplace teams, or individuals seeking support in the area of habit change, with the psychological tool kit to enable them to embrace all of life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. I collaborate with individuals to call upon a variety of strategies and modalities and create a unique framework for them to utilise. I have an unwavering commitment to empower individuals and foster their inner strengths. By being the catalyst for personal, academic and professional growth, my aim is to help everyone I work with to unlock their full potential, embrace their strengths and thrive in EVERY aspect of their lives.

Liz changed my life! Thank you so much for the positive psychology tools you gave me. I am now able to overcome the negative thoughts that have kept me stuck and in a very dark place for so long. As an asylum seeker who escaped the Taliban, it has been very hard for me and my family. I have learnt some useful skills like box breathing and daily ‘showing up for myself’ with my daily habit practice, to help me tackle anxious thoughts and stop having panic attacks. Thank you Liz, I have shared these techniques with my mum and sister and it helps us all…

ahmad, level 1 esol student – city of liverpool college