Lucy Thom – Group facilitation, mediation, coaching & creator of The Courageous Conversation S.P.A.C.E.


To see if we’re a good fit, here are a few questions:

How often do you say ‘Yes’ when you really want to say ‘No’?

Have you ever avoided a conversation to avoid a confrontation?

Do you sometimes wish you could express yourself, your genuine, authentic self,  with more confidence & clarity, or with more gentleness & grace, no matter who you’re talking with?

You see, I am passionate about supporting people to find their voice, having observed in life and especially in my work, as a  mediator, group facilitator & conflict resolution coach, just how creative & effective a conversation can be:

When people feel safe & free to consciously express their true thoughts, feelings & ideas, amazing things start happening!

So what sometimes gets in the way?

Fear of repercussions (eg. ridicule, upsetting “apple-carts”), resignation & lack of self-belief are among the most common blocks to authentic communication whether in the workplace, in community settings or in families; invariably these negative thought patterns stem from adverse events experienced in childhood & most crucially, what we made them mean at the time…

So what can help with this?

Alongside my work in group facilitation, mediation and conflict resolution coaching, I have drawn on my own personal quest to find my own voice to design a unique framework, THE COURAGEOUS CONVERSATION S.P.A.C.E., which offers clients a clear pathway to acknowledge their self-suppression, reconnect with who they really are & speak with more awareness, freedom & ease.  

“When compassion & authenticity go hand in hand, courageous conversations become opportunities for learning, connection, healing & the creation of entirely new possibilities..!”

Lucy Thom

To receive more details about the services I provide, including THE COURAGEOUS CONVERSATION S.P.A.C.E. workshops & free training sessions, please connect with me on LinkedIn.

I look forward to meeting you.

“At a time when I was ready to walk out of a stressful job, Lucy helped me find a new way of expressing myself in the workplace that has totally transformed my career and given me the confidence to deal with situations authentically and powerfully!”

A.D., Kent