Melissa Noble – Founder, The Academy of Wide Hearted Living

Hello, I’m Melissa Noble; founder of The Academy of Wide-Hearted Living. 

We help people get connected with their creativity so they can use it to make their life better. We offer courses within the workplace and to individuals.

What inspired me to create The Academy of Wide Hearted Living

Connecting with my creativity changed my life. It’s my personal mission to get as many people as possible to get connected to theirs so they can experience the joy it brings.

I’ve had a really varied working life. In 2018, I trained as a Humanist Funeral Celebrant. Every ceremony was a reminder of how precious life is and this set me on a journey of personal discovery – what did I need to do, to make the most of my life? What conditions did I need to thrive, to really come alive?

We all have these questions bubbling away. Figuring it out is tricky! My hope is that the Academy will make it easier for other people to find joy.

Developing my business ideas involved overcoming a lot of challenges. Lots of other women seemed to encounter similar issues when they were trying to set up their own ventures. The Academy developed from this realisation.

It offers a platform for other women who work with creativity as a tool for transformation, both personal and organisational. I’m joined by Sam Chittenden and Sara Hurley as founding members. They bring a wealth of experience and together we can offer a really interesting and unique range of courses. It’s a very exciting time!

“Melissa is an incredible facilitator; the perfect blend of playfulness and compassion with a deep integrity for the work which shines through. She is sensitive to the power of the journey and held the space for us all to explore some of the more challenging areas of our relationships with creativity in safety.”

Caroline, Executive Recruitment, 2020