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Angela Roth – Founder, Succeed From The Start

“I love Succeed From The Start community. You’ve built an environment that is nurturing and supportive. It’s a great incubator for new businesses.” -Vanessa Frater-Robertson

Altair de Almeida – Stress Busting, Health Boosting Expert

“Altair is an excellent guide.” -John Painter

Barbara Ellis – Holistic Therapist & Self Empowerment Coach

“I had one more session of Havening mainly to give Barbara feedback that everything was resolved but she helped me understand I could use the technique in other ways. I am ever so grateful to have met this amazing lady.” -Jane D.

Claudia Romero – Time Efficiency, Productivity Consultant and Speaker

“Claudia is one of the best speakers about productivity and time management I have seen for years” – Elliot Kay

Carolyn Whitehouse – The Money Therapist

“All I can say is Carolyn has been the best coach I have ever experienced. Thank you.” -Bobby Grover
Dirk Roth

Dirk Roth – Writing Coach & Editor

“Dirk’s input has been invaluable on the journey to publication of my first novel.” – Eleanor Spence

Dr. Berrisford Lewis – Coach & Business Growth Strategist

Looking to generate more qualified leads?

Dr. Tahsin Zatman – Consultant Anaesthetist

I use the Chaos theory approach of the “butterfly effect.”

Eilir Jones – Counsellor & Psychotherapist

“I will be forever indebted for those counselling session with Eilir.” – Diolch

Fiona Whytehead – Locus Coaching

“Fiona’s insight and simple no-nonsense advice was practical and easy to follow.” – Jacqueline Harvey

Hamish Niven – Transformational Coach

Transformational coaching through creativity, connection and curiosity

Jacqeline Day – Master Business Coach & Mindset Expert

“My business has flourished and I highly recommend Jacqueline as a first class Business Coach.” – Sharon Bassett

Jane Kilpatrick – Children & Teen’s Mindset Coach

“Jane is a fantastic coach and I 100% recommend her for both adults and children.” -Lucy

Keely Woolley – Inspirational Leadership Coach

“Keely is a dedicated professional that works hard to encourage the best outcome for the people she coaches and mentors. It’s no surprise to me that she is now an award-winning mentor, and anyone that works with her will benefit greatly.” -Vanessa Frater-Robertson

Liz Folan – Positive Psychologist and Mindset Coach

“Liz changed my life! Thank you so much for the positive psychology tools you gave me.” -Ahmad

Lucy Thom – Group facilitation, mediation, coaching & creator of The Courageous Conversation S.P.A.C.E.

“Lucy helped me find a new way of expressing myself in the workplace that has totally transformed my career” -Alan

Melissa Noble – Founder, The Academy of Wide Hearted Living

“Melissa is an incredible facilitator” – Caroline

Paul Everard

Direct sales professional, helping small business owners

Pamela Igwe – Midwife & Naturopath

“I wouldn’t recommend anyone else, you are a fantastic midwife.” -Hannah

Paul Courtney Clarke – Life & Leadership Coach

“I experienced a huge, life changing shift.” – Sara Maxwell

Paul Corcoran

“Everyone has the right to build wealth” – Paul

Rory LemonAid – Holistic Health Coach

“Rory as a coach was supportive, patient. He was motivational and he held me to account in terms of the goals I’d set myself, but he was also fun to work with.” -JO

Rose Chikodzore – Transformational Business Coach & Author

“Rose Chikodzore is a woman of great insight, integrity and wisdom.” – Mindy Geary

Sarah Yandell – Leadership Coach

“Sarah is a complete professional. I loved her approach” -Pia Cato

Sumit Sharma – Business Buddy at SFTS | Storytelling Web Designer

“Anyone who wants to learn how to maximise the efficiency of their website & make it work for them, will definitely benefit from working with Sumit.” – Angela Roth

Vanessa Frater-Robertson – Mindset Confidence Coach

“Vanessa is an excellent coach, who I found easy to engage with.” -Danni

Vicky Hugelier – Passionate Trainer and Coach

“Vicky is an excellent business coach and mentor” -Karen Ainley