Pamela Igwe – Midwife & Naturopath

She’s Got Midwife Superpowers

Pamela is an incredible midwife and naturopath with an impressive 40 years of experience and a vast range of knowledge from working in 9 different countries and assisting with over 2,000 deliveries.

Advocates Natural Remedies

She advocates for natural remedies and techniques for women’s health and well-being, such as herbs, homoeopathy, flower elixirs, essential oils, reflexology, the Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.), and the Body Code.

Queen of Hormones

Pamela is passionate about helping women understand their different hormones throughout their lives and the importance of assisting them to thrive during their monthly cycle. She is an invaluable resource for women looking to improve their health and wellness naturally.

“I wouldn’t recommend anyone else, you are a fantastic midwife and always have a solution to a problem. Thank you.”


“I will always treasure the moments of my birth experience, and it would not have been possible without you.”





Phone: +33 6 13 61 87 75