Paul Courtney Clarke – Life & Leadership Coach

My coaching invites you to find the wisdom and willpower within yourself to transform your life and circumstances. My passion is to hold a space that makes this possible.

I am a qualified Coach, living with my wife and our two labradors in rural Nottinghamshire. 

In the past 35 years of my life and career I’ve acquired a wealth of experience: as an award winning leader transforming mental health systems, as an intuitive bodyworker, as a diversity trainer and mentor, as a musician creating music and arts spaces for new talents and new collaborations, and a host of other roles. I now draw on all this experience in my coaching practice. 

My understanding of what helps people bring about change in their lives has also benefited from my own deep journey of personal development, with exceptional teachers, where I’ve learnt the importance of presence, deep listening, and an open-heart in creating the right environment for people to flourish. 

What I offer

Like all coaches I offer you a space that invites you to identify and achieve personal and / or leadership goals through an arc of one-to-one sessions. 

Beyond this I seek to create a space that’s safe for you to delve deep into what you want to change in your life, your career, your world, and to explore what gets in the way. 

I specialise in coaching people who, along with seeking to achieve their goals, are open to a deeper enquiry into what holds them back, and what opens them up to new possibilities. Through this the goals you achieve become sustainable, deep rooted in the solid ground of your own development.

Through the whole arc of sessions I experienced a huge, life changing shift. I’ve had coaching before. This felt different, in that the focus was the whole of me and my life rather than just one part of it. As a result I’ve figured out my own version of success.

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