Why Be a Coach? The Answer is Simple

If you’re wondering, why be a coach? The answer is astonishingly simple. And here it is; you be a coach, because you see a need, and you feel you can fulfil that need. There is no reason to make it any more complicated than this.

Yes, there’s talk about lifestyle, there’s talk about how the coaching industry is booming, but really, all these become irrelevant when your reason to become a coach is to fulfil a need.

And that’s really the first, if not the only reason, successful coaches choose to be a coach.

Now, what do we mean by fulfilling a need? Here’s an example, that we totally made up.

Liz decided to get married. The wedding was scheduled in 6 months, and she had lots of preparation to do, including shedding those extra pounds, so she could look pretty in that dress.

So she went on a journey of her own to find out how she could accomplish this in a short period, and within 90 days she was able to get in better shape, and felt ready for her wedding!

Her friends noticed the transformation and wondered how she’d gone about getting in shape so quickly. Now, suddenly, she found herself advising women on how to lose weight. And the next thing, she realised, there was a need in the market for women who want to lose weight before their upcoming wedding.

Seeing that she could fulfil that need, she became a Wedding Weight Loss Coach for Women. She started doing this part-time, and as she got more clients, she became a full-time coach. Doing what she enjoyed doing and also making a living from it.

Coaching is a lot like hiring a guide. Imagine if you went on a holiday, and were looking to explore the new place without the help of a local guide. Your experience would be much smoother if you had a guide, so you’d be able to spend more time exploring the place, and creating wonderful memories.

That’s what a coach can do. They can serve as a guide, and help their clients overcome the challenges that often they themselves have experienced and overcome.

Here are 3 other significant reasons “Why be a Coach”

#1. No one can coach like you can, not even Tony Robbins

As a coach, you develop your unique style of coaching, that no one in the universe can copy. So essentially, even though there are so many world famous coaches, you are perhaps just the coach someone out there is waiting for.

Your personal brand gives you an instant unique selling proposition as a coach.

So by developing your own personal brand, you can easily standout as a coach, and become successful.

Which is why, don’t let existing coaches stop you from doing it yourself. There’s room for all!

#2. It makes for a fulfilling career

Becoming a coach is one of the favourite next steps for people looking to pivot from their old careers to a new one. And for obvious reasons. For one, it is like starting your own business, but without requiring a huge capital.

Second, you get to live a more creative life. Every day you wake up, you have your creative hats on, whether it is about how to find the right clients for your business, or how you can make your coaching programme more effective in bringing results.

Plus, you get to choose what you charge, and give yourself a pay raise anytime you like.

No more waiting for that annual appraisal. No more waiting for a leave of approval. You design your life your way.

#3. Perhaps it is the future

Artificial intelligence is causing many people to lose their jobs, and while it might appear like bad news, taken another way it is good news. If a computer can replace what we do, then it is time for us to up our game and do what a computer can’t do. Be a creative human being.

Times have changed, and it is now time for us to embrace the creative spirit in each one of us and utilise it to become a creative entrepreneur.

Coaching offers a great opportunity to be a creative entrepreneur. As a coach, you not only get to be a coach, but you also get to be an author and also a speaker. There’s just so much you can do as a coach, and as a result, create multiple streams of income.

Of course, it requires tenacity, hard work and dedication, but in truth, when you do it from the spirit of inspiration, it appears like no work at all.

To sum it up, the answer to ‘why be a coach’ is in the fulfilment you get from being able to serve people meaningfully, and aid transformation in their lives. Everything else is a welcome byproduct of this intention to serve.

On a side note, did you know that we at Succeed From The Start have created a coach community where coaches can get the help they need to start and launch a successful coaching business? Why not book a complimentary call, and we’ll tell you more.