Easy 3-Step Process to Find a Hot Coaching Niche

Before we delve into the steps you can take to find a hot coaching niche, let’s first look at what we often refer to as a “hot niche.”

In simple terms, a hot coaching niche is one where people are actively searching for your services and will pay for it.

You can identify a hot coaching niche by locating an established market and offering your services to them.

Now that sounds easy, doesn’t it?

If someone just gave you a list of all these niches, you could pick one and make bank!

But that isn’t exactly how it works in the real world.

So here’s a simple 3-step process you can use to find your hot coaching niche.

1. Do You Have a Passion to Serve?

Why do you want to be a coach? Is it because you’ve heard from someone that it can be a lucrative business? Or is it because you have overcome a certain life situation, or are an expert at something that others can benefit from?

Passion to serve is at the forefront of all successful coaches.

Without it, it doesn’t matter how hot a niche is, you can’t expect to go far with it, if money is the only thing that drives you.

And there’s no judgement here, but we’d like to encourage you to consider what your passion is, so that you can truly succeed as a coach.

A simple test that will help you quickly identify it is the “No Money Test.”

You just ask yourself, if I wasn’t making any money from this, would I still want to do it?

If you answered yes, then you’re “qualified” to be a coach.

Not that you have to coach for free, but once you have the clarity on what you’re doing, your coaching life will become so much easier.

On to the next step, finding a hot coaching niche!

2. Research Your Market

Without researching your market, you won’t know if there are people actively looking for what you offer.

But don’t let the word research scare you. It doesn’t have to be complicated or boring.

What you can do instead, is head over to Amazon.com, filter the search to “Kindle Store” from the drop down, and see if people have already written books in and around the topic, that is relevant to your niche.

If you don’t find several books with reviews on the topic, then you need to keep searching and tweaking on the topic until you get to a point where you find several books, with hundreds of reviews on the same.

There’s really no science involved here. It’s more about intuition.

When you do the research, you will know in your gut when a topic is hot, and if not, to stay away from it.

Again, it’s not necessary that the topic should be an exact match to your niche, but if you can find a sub-niche around the niche, then you are on to something.

Take an example of the “Keto Diet,” if you search for it, you will find several books on it. And so many sub niches, within the main topic of Keto diet itself.

Another thing you can do is check if there are other coaches that are offering the same or similar services as yours; competition is a marker of an existing market.

See if they have been around for a while, and if their website has testimonials.

This is a good indicator of a hot coaching niche.

At the end of the day, there’s no guaranteed way of knowing that your niche is going to be profitable, which is why you will also need to take a leap of faith, after you’ve done your homework!

3. Be Open & Adapt

Planning your coaching business and offer is only part of the process. You need to serve your tribe to understand their needs.

In short, expect change. Keep an open mind, and pay attention to your market. When you do, you’ll have lightbulb moments where the so called “hot niche” will present itself, and it will make your coaching business even more profitable.

That is truly it.


To sum it up, get clear on your passion and your real purpose for starting a coaching business. Do the money test. After you’ve got that out of the way, research your market on the Amazon Kindle store. It’s really one of the easiest ways of niche finding. And last, be willing to change and adapt. For there’s no science to finding a niche, that is meant for you. It’s rather the time you spend serving people that will serve you in the long run, and will help you identify a hot coaching niche!

Frequently Asked Questions on finding a Hot Coaching Niche

Q: Do I really need a niche?

A: You need a passion to begin with, and a pack of people who can benefit from it. That’s what we call a niche. So yes, without knowing who you are going to be serving and how, it’s difficult to get started.

Q: What if I am not passionate, but just want to make money as a coach?

A: You can try! But we know that the heart needs to come into the picture for a coach to be a coach. Without passion, it is like another job that you dread. You don’t want that, do you?

Q: I am kind of an expert at more than one thing. I am not sure how to focus on just one niche?

A: That’s easy. What are you most passionate about? Pick that! Don’t worry about losing out by not serving all the other people. You can always do that once you have one thing going.

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