Why Coaching is Important & Common Misconceptions: If You’re An Aspiring Coach You Don’t Want to Miss This

Thinking about starting your own coaching business and wondering why coaching is important? Then you’re at the right place. In this post, we’re going to look deeper into the world of coaching and also help clear some common misconceptions along the way.

Let us begin by looking at the common misconceptions that will keep you from going down the wrong path.

Misconceptions about the Coaching Role

  1. You have to be a guru to be a coach: Being a coach doesn’t require you to be an expert on a particular subject. You don’t need special qualifications or certifications to be a coach. (That doesn’t mean they are not valuable), but from the perspective of being a coach, all you need is the ability to hold space for your clients, so they can express themselves more authentically, while you aid the journey of this self-discovery.

    There’s nothing better than an individual getting insight into their own problems, and having aha moments. Your role as a coach is primarily to aid this process.

    You see how different it is from the common misconception that you have to be a know it all or an expert on your client or their problems. This simply isn’t true.

    Of course, if you’re coaching someone on a particular technical subject, like how to trade in the stock market, or the likes, it’s a given that you’ll need to know more than your client for them to work with you. But here’s just one word that sums up coaching – clarity.

    Your role as a coach is to help your client have more clarity so they can move forward with their business or life goals.

  2. You Need Expensive Business Building Programmes: The web is full of people who will tell you how you need all these expensive programmes to find success as a coach. It can’t be further from the truth. In our coach community, there are people who have paid vast sums and, sometimes even took loans to join these programmes, only to find that it was all a bluff.

    As an aspiring coach, you need confidence and clarity more than you need any expensive business building programme. That’s why we built Succeed From The Start, to save aspiring coaches from making the same mistakes that some of us in the community have made. It helps you get your business off to the right start without having to break the bank.

  3. Your Calendar Needs to be Booked: Coaches often make the mistake of thinking that a fully booked calendar would mean tons of clients, and lots of money. But that simply isn’t true. You don’t need to get super busy, and be taking client calls all day long, if that is not something you want to do. It’s all about being strategic about your business. Going from 0 to six figure coaching can be as simple as laying out a smart business strategy that works both for you and your clients.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the common misconceptions, let us look at why coaching is important, and how, as a coach, you can help make a difference.

Why Coaching is Important

  1. Clarity: As mentioned earlier, coaching is all about clarity. Where there is clarity, there are solutions. You are not obligated to come up with the solutions. Your only work is to help your client get so clear about their problems that solutions often just show up. It’s like magic.

    The value of something that sounds so simple might surprise you. Clarity. It’s so simple, and yet it is one of the most valued and sought for services in the world.

    As a coach, you get to make a difference by helping people get clear on their goals, their problems, their situations. And for doing that, you get to ask for a fair price. In truth, being a coach is a truly wonderful way of making a living.

  2. Being Heard: The other big need of your clients is the need to be heard. People want to feel heard, they want to feel empathised with; they want to feel cared for. And as a coach, you get this opportunity to help people feel heard and supported. Perhaps you do not know how massive this is. When you hear someone out, you are placing yourself in a position where you act like a catalyst. Even though you may not be actively providing solutions to your clients’ problems, they will find that being heard helps them find solutions. And when that happens, they’ll love you for it.

  3. Brings in Focus: Whatever be the challenge your client is looking to overcome, or goal they’re looking to accomplish, focus, which can easily be called clarity’s close cousin, is the primary element that can help them. And you, as a coach, can encourage your client to stay on track and focused. There are tons of distractions in people’s lives. You, as a coach, play the role of helping bring in the focus.

    When focus arrives, clarity increases, and as clarity increases, life becomes easier. In short, as a coach, you get to make your clients’ lives easier. And get paid for it. Now, if that isn’t a win-win situation, then what is?

Now you know why coaching is important. It solves some actual problems in people’s lives, and you get to make a living doing that. It’s a fantastic career to choose, and a great way to be of service to people.

So what are you waiting for? If being a coach has been on your mind, then now might just be the best time to get started.

And Succeed From The Start might just be the community you should check out. For here, we help coaches learn, grow, and thrive!